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Circolarità intelligente.

NextBag™ involves a production process focused on circular economy: from the collection of second-hand packaging to its recycling in order to recover the raw material, Premium Recycled Polymer (PRP), useful to manufacture new high quality products.


The first step consists in collecting the material used, properly differentiated, at customers’ facilities and collection centers.



The used flexible packaging is selected and checked and then sent to be recycled. The process entails grinding and washing in special deinking units using solvent-free water-based detergents, then rinsing and drying.


The Premium Recycled Polymer (PRP) can be used as the intermediate layer in all types of packaging, guaranteeing durability, functionality and performance.


Selene’s NextBag™ is the concrete answer to the stringent demands of the planet and perfectly answers to the directives of the EU Plastics Strategy, in addition to implementing the CIRCULAR PLASTIC ALLIANCE that aims to achieve 10 million tons of recycled plastic to manufacture new products.