FFS Ventilene – Solution for Bagging Powders

Form-Fill &Seal - Tube containing internal venting labyrinth channels system for Bagging Powders.

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Application fields
Suitable for building products and minerals (cement,mortar, gypsum) for chemical industry (titanium dioxide, iron oxide) and foodstuffs (fl our, spices, milk powder) etc.

Ventilene system is designed for automatic FFS filling stations. Widths: from 200 up to 550 mm, gussets: from 30 up to 130 mm, thickness: from 80 up to 200 my. High Printing quality up to 16 colours (8 front + 8 back).

The special system of ventilation keeps the working environment clean and safe avoiding the emission of dust with a reduction of warehouse cleaning and machine maintenance costs. Ventilene system reduces the leakage of fi ne powders and/or dangerous ones during transport and in the working area. Dust-free.

Stable and Safe
The careful study of ventilation allows only the leakage of air permanently and makes the pallet more stable, safe and well shaped. Longer duration for outdoor storage compared to the traditional paper packaging.

The use of PE tube Ventilene with UV additive, with the special system of ventilation protects the packed products against humidity and the weather (rain and UV rays) compared to traditional paper packaging. Better humidity barrier, waterproof and UV protection.

Thanks to the Ventilene system we can achieve an excellent emptying of bags without any powder waste.Less product and bags waste and 100% PE film recycling. Lower energy consumption and emission of CO2 , more  environmentally friendly packaging = money saving.